At Landsvirkjun, we strive to provide a progressive working environment in order to engage people who are the best in their field. The Company has a diverse and dynamic work force where differing cultures and ideas nurture innovation and creativity. The role of the Human Resources Division is to provide employees and management with the support they need and effective human resource management.


Continuous improvement

According to a workplace survey, conducted in 2013, approx. 91% of Landsvirkjun’s employees say that they are satisfied or very satisfied at work. A number of productive improvements were made to Human Resources (HR) matters at Landsvirkjun in 2013. These included the development of HR procedures and improvements to management systems within the Company. Two discussion panels were held, where current orientation procedures for new employees and retirement procedures were reviewed by current employees. Work also began on developing employee interview procedures into performance interviews (appraisals). Approximately 100 employees participated in workshops and focus groups addressing these issues. Performance interviews (appraisals) will be implemented in the first quarter of 2014.

A number of changes were implemented with regard to the organisation of Landsvirkjun in the middle of last year. The HR Division was made responsible for the Services Division; previously the responsibility of the Finance Division. The operation of the reception area, canteen, travel booking services and headquarters building management are now under the supervision of the HR Division. Last but not least, the HR Division took responsibility for developing internal marketing at Landsvirkjun, with a particular focus on social media and alignment with strategic initiatives and projects.


Professional Development

In 2013, Landsvirkjun invested approx. 11 thousand hours in the education and training of employees. This is equal to 275 working weeks. One of Landsvirkjun’s main objectives in human resources management is a commitment to the professional development of their employees. Each year, Landsvirkjun invests in a comprehensive range of professional educational and training avenues and in inspiring and reinforcing management in their leadership roles. At the beginning of last year, all management teams were offered extensive management training where the main focus was on ‘change management’. All employees took part in a prevention workshop on bullying and communication in the workplace.



PWC awards Landsvirkjun with the Gold Standard for wage equality

Landsvirkjun’s policy is to secure gender equality and to offer equal opportunities, without discrimination. The results of the 2013 PWC audit showed that the fixed salary rate for women is generally slightly higher than that of men, whereas the overall salary is slightly higher for men. The Gold Standard was awarded to Landsvirkjun as PWC found the gender wage difference at Landsvirkjun to be only 1.6%. The difference is well below the 3.5% requirement set out by PWC, in order to achieve the Gold Standard.


A dynamic workforce

There were 247 full time employees at the beginning of the year with the exception of board members, students and other temporary employees. The average number of employees during the year was 298 but this total is heavily influenced by the temporary staff members employed for the summer duration. The total number of employees on the payroll at year end was 248, filling 242.25 full time positions. A total of 516 employees were paid salaries during the year, including summer staff and students.

Dedication and loyalty are the main characteristics of the Landsvirkjun work force. The average age of permanent employees at year-end was 50.4 years and the average length of service was 13.2 years. The turnover rate was 4% compared with 8.35% last year. Last year, 40 employees were recognised for length of service, the longest service period being 35 years.

Work experience

Age Distribution (in years)


Health and safety

The health and safety of employees is a key issue at Landsvirkjun and the occupational health and safety management system utilised by the Company is certified in accordance with OHSAS 18001. Working methods are specifically designed to prevent accidents and a so-called "zero accident policy" is adhered to. The Company does everything in its power to ensure no accident related absences. Unfortunately this goal was not met last year when two accidents occurred on site, leading to the absence of the employees involved. Safety issues remain a priority for Landsvirkjun and an accident-free operation is one of the main targets outlined by the Company.


Summer employment for young people

The number of employees at Landsvirkjun doubles during the summer period when approx.  230 young people and university students join our work force for summer employment. There were 780 applications last year and 154 young people between the ages of 16-20 were accepted; 82 young men and 72 young women. They attend to various maintenance and environmental projects for Landsvirkjun’s sites, all over the country.

Out of the successful applicants, 70 were university students; 32 men and 38 women and they also attended to various projects at Landsvirkjun’s sites all over the country. Landsvirkjun seeks to employ talented individuals with a view to the relevant education/experience and to ensure gender equality.

In recent years Landsvirkjun has run an enterprise that goes by the name of “many hands make light work” where they offer their partnership (and summer staff) to any local projects, promoting the development of tourism and environmental issues in the areas involved. There were 28 applications, from all over the country, from NGOs, individuals, sports clubs, government agencies, municipalities and national parks.